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The John Rex Endowment Consultant Directory includes consultants that provide services to nonprofit agencies.  Consultants were identified through agency contacts and public listings and invited to be listed in this directory.  Only consultants who provided authorization are included here; further, we recognize that we may not have identified all consultants providing services in the area.  Thus, this directory is not a complete list.   

The John Rex Endowment does not screen listed consultants or verify the accuracy of information presented.  Therefore, the John Rex Endowment cannot make any specific endorsements or recommendations.  

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Specialty Areas:
  • Comprehensive Organizational Assessment
  • Mission, Vision, and Strategy
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Resource Development
  • Strategic Relationships
  • International Operations and Management
  • Program Delivery and Impact
  • Organizational Restructuring or Mergers

  • Experienced consulting in the Triangle

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